Notarial Services

If you are involved in an international transaction or you are planning to move to or buy property in another country, the authorities in that country may ask you to sign certain documents in front of a Notary Public.

At Fortis Law we can guide you through this procedure. We understand the need for a cost effective and efficient product which is why we offer our Fixed Price Menu for Notarial Services. Please contact us for a full breakdown of our fixed fee service.

In most cases we will need to meet you and verify your identification. It is often necessary for us to prepare a certificate to attach to the documents and we will ask you to the email the document to us before we meet.

We can advise on the notarisation process, requirements for legalisation (see below) and help arrange the delivery of documents. Fortis Law can advise on the English law aspects of commercial and private transactions.

If you are uncertain about any aspect of the Notarial process, or any document you will be signing, please ask.

Legalisation is the process by which notarised documents are authenticated on behalf of the UK and other Governments. Legalisation in the UK is carried out by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office by fixing to the document what is known as an Apostille.

UK legalisation is required by some but not all foreign countries. Some also require legalisation by their own Consulates or Embassies in the UK. Before bringing a document for notarisation, please check with the recipient in the country to which the document is going whether any legalisation is required, and if so which, or ask us to do so.

We can then arrange legalisation for you. Additional fees and expenses will apply, which we will explain when we know your requirements.